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I'm glad to see you, dear readers!

I want to tell about my project Levels (site: levels.pro).

Movement is life. Moving, we fill ourselves with life energy. That is why being active is so important. And I'm glad that more and more people have started running, riding bicycles, working on the horizontal bar, hiking, swimming and so on – in other words, to conduct an active way of life. I really want the number of active people to increase more and more. One of my goals is to involve as many people as possible in the active and healthy way of life.

Levels is a project, which is supposed to bring people who conduct an active way of life together. In Levels, you can learn more about high-quality workouts, proper nutrition, read articles about motivation and health, and also make an individual workout plan and diet. Levels contains the functions of a social network for finding like-minded people for sports activities and to increase motivation by sharing the achievements in the health and body development.

Today, there are many applications that offer various exercises, give nutrition tips, have services to determine the distance walked, and create routes on the map and so on. Most applications solve their demands well, but there is no single resource with such a functionality that would help people to develop all areas of their bodies: physical strength, health, and harmony of a soul and a body.

To create inner harmony, it is not enough to be fed properly - it is necessary to do physical exercises, and vice versa - doing exercises will not be enough to develop the internal energy. Therefore, I create Levels project - so that people can develop all aspects of harmony in themselves: physical abilities of the body, nutrition, internal energy, attitude to life, thoughts building. A person, developing one of the areas, becomes stronger in this only area; but having worked all the areas, reveals incredible abilities.

In the most popular social networks there are, to put it mildly, many low-educated people who allow themselves to speak in a malevolent form, and this is not good. I hope that after having joined to Levels, those people will improve their attitude to the world. I sincerely want to improve the culture and morals of people. I want people to become kinder, healthier, more purposeful, and I believe that Levels will fill people with positive energy!

During the development of the project, you will be aware of new features and gradually see how Levels differs from other projects and what are its advantages. Look for updates at levels.pro/about.

I'm glad to share my experience with other website developers, so you can see the problems were met in the Levels' development path and their solutions on the page of Development of Levels social network.

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Artem Maltsev

A person who aspires with all his heart and heart to help people become stronger, healthier and more moral through his Levels project!

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