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Welcome to site! My name is Artem and I'm glad that you visit my blog, containing not only technical articles by programming (Python, Django, HTML, js and others), but and other articles about health, sport, motivation and flowers.

My activities:

  • My main activity is the site creation of different types: from landing and online store to complex web services. I'm director of web studio Viva IT Studio, which provides quality services for the creation of information systems for business. Our motto is "Let's make the web brighter!".
  • The founder of Trust Management Viva TM, which allows people to earn from 7% per month using the Wall Street Cash trading robot on the Forex market.

Now we are developing a large-scale project is Levels, a social network for people who conduct an active and healthy way of life. I also do workouts and feed properly. Therefore, I created a project that helps me and other people develop strength and health. In Levels, you can create your own workout plan and diet, read articles about health and motivation, find useful recipes for meals, and talk with like-minded people. I sincerely want people to become healthier, kinder and more moral and I believe that Levels will help in this!

On About author page you can learn more about me.

Enjoy reading articles on the blog!

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