Service of GET POST requests: Getest

With Getest service you can send GET or POST request for testing your application.

URL for tests:

Depending on the type of request, you will receive appropriate content.


To send a GET request with parameters, use url of the form:


OK,GET,query_string par_1=foo&par_2=bar

OK - state of response
GET - request type
query_string - list of passed parameters


To send a POST request with parameters, use url of the form:

Post data of request:


OK,POST,query_string par_1=foo&par_2=bar,body par_3=baz&par_4=muz

OK - state of response
POST - request type
query_string - list of passed parameters in url
body - list of passed parameters in request body

Json response

To send GET or POST request with parameters and receive json-responce, use parameters json=true in url.

GET request:

{"status": "OK", "method": "GET", "query_string": "json=true&par_1=foo&par_2=bar"}

POST request:

Post data of request:

{"status": "OK", "method": "POST", "query_string": "json=true&par_1=foo&par_2=bar", "body": "par_3=baz&par_4=muz"}


Each programming language has own comands for working with urls. For concrete language see apropriate help information.

Below you can see some examples for different languages.


import requests

r = requests.get('', data = {'par_1': 'foo', 'par_2': 'bar'})
# r = requests.get('')  # equivalent
print(r.text)  # OK,GET,query_string par_1=foo&par_2=bar

r ='', data = {'par_1': 'foo', 'par_2': 'bar'})
print(r.text)  # OK,POST,body par_1=foo&par_2=bar


<script src=""></script>

axios.get('', {'par_1': 'foo', 'par_2': 'bar'})
.then((response) => {
    console.log(;  // OK,GET,query_string par_1=foo&par_2=bar
})'', {'par_1': 'foo', 'par_2': 'bar'})
.then((response) => {
    console.log(;  // OK,POST,body par_1=foo&par_2=bar

Online in browser

Although this service is designed to check the code of your application, the service itself can be checked through the browser:

You will see response: OK,GET,query_string par_1=foo&par_2=bar

Service version: 1.01
Author of service: Artem Maltsev


v. 1.01 (21.03.2021)

Added Json response for GET and POST requests.

v. 1.00 (18.02.2021)

Added testing for GET and POST requests.

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