Slider vue 3

Dec. 10, 2023, 7:20 a.m.

I added my simple slider using vue 3, that can switch image by mouse and finger touching. Also in this slider I use img for display of pictures,which is most often semantically correct, unlike div.

In this example I used typescript, script setup, module css.

<script setup lang="ts">
import { ref } from 'vue'

import Img1 from './1.jpg'
import Img2 from './2.jpg'
import Img3 from './3.jpg'

const slider = ref<HTMLElement | null>(null)
const images = ref([Img3, Img1, Img2])

const current_index = ref(0)
const position = ref(0)

let is_dragging = false
let prev_position = 0
let start_x = 0

const slideWidth = () => {
    return slider.value ? slider.value.offsetWidth : 0

const startDragging = (e: MouseEvent | TouchEvent) => {
    is_dragging = true
    start_x = e instanceof MouseEvent ? e.clientX : e.touches[0].clientX

const onDragging = (e: MouseEvent | TouchEvent) => {
    if (is_dragging) {
        const current_x = e instanceof MouseEvent ? e.clientX : e.touches[0].clientX
        const diff = current_x - start_x
        position.value = prev_position + diff

const endDragging = () => {
    is_dragging = false

    const moved_by = position.value - prev_position
    if (moved_by < -slideWidth() / 4 && current_index.value < images.value.length - 1)
        current_index.value += 1

    if (moved_by > slideWidth() / 4 && current_index.value > 0)
        current_index.value -= 1

    position.value = current_index.value * -slideWidth()
    prev_position = position.value

    <div ref="slider" :class="$style.slider" @mousedown="startDragging" @touchstart="startDragging" @mouseup="endDragging" @touchend="endDragging" @mousemove="onDragging" @touchmove="onDragging">
        <div :class="$style.slides" :style="{ transform: `translateX(${position}px)` }">
            <img v-for="(image, index) in images" :key="index" :src="image" alt="slide" />

<style lang="scss" module>
.slider {overflow: hidden;position: relative;width: 100%;aspect-ratio: 5/3}
.slides {display: flex;transition: transform 0.3s ease;height: 100%}
.slides img {width: 100%;height: 100%;flex-shrink: 0;object-fit: cover;}

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