To start it is important to make money. Then save. And most importantly, subsequently, to invest them wisely, so that the money worked for you.

In the "Finance" section I talk about financial literacy. All articles and suggested ways of earning in this section are passed through my personal experience and placed for you for informational purposes, therefore you are solely responsible for your actions. Please do not forget about this, and I hope that this section will be useful for you!

At the moment, the Viva TM project is fully functioning, which allows people to earn from 7% per month. Earnings are made with the help of a purchased and customized Wall Street Cash robot, which trades on the Forex market (through a Forex4you broker). Investing in trust management is convenient for those who do not want or cannot independently set up a trading robot or those who do not have enough money to buy a robot.

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Earnings on investments - this is interesting and well developed in the field of finance and investment. Familiarize yourself with the above companies or just write / call me - I am always in touch and happy to answer your questions and talk about companies.

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