Quote Authors

Quotations change our worldview for the better, they make us think about the important things in life. I love reading them and I want to share my favorite quotes with you, so I posted on my site a block with a quote that changes every day to a new one. And on this page you can learn more about their authors.

Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris is an American film actor and martial arts master, known for his leading roles in action films.

Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali is an American professional boxer, performing in a heavyweight category; one of the most famous boxers in the history of world boxing

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Austrian composer, conductor, pianist, violinist, harpsichordist, organist.

Steve Jobs


American businessman, talented leader, co-founder of Apple

Dale Carnegie


Dale Breckenridge Carnegie - a psychologist, writer, author of a series of books on self-improvement, the skills of successful communication, oratory.

Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein is one of the most significant physicists of the 20th century, the creator of the special and general theory of relativity, the Nobel Prize winner in physics in 1921

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is an American bodybuilder, entrepreneur and actor, a Republican politician, the 38th Governor of California.

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