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Why is Omnia crude?

Omnia is a unique company in the market with state support from the politicians of Armenia, but for some reason they don’t lead the site as well as they would like. They could place more video reports about working equipment on the official site, which is very important about meetings with senior people from different countries, including video meetings with Serzh Sargsyan, the President of Armenia, and Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party (video report You can view the meeting on the The President's approval and the agreement with the leader of the party "Prosperous Armenia").

Omnia provides great products, one of which is trading with a high profit of 10% - 15% per month! But it’s nice to provide on the site: political support, video reports and full information about the company have not yet been provided. But fortunately, I plan to join the developers and eliminate this flaw! I really want to help the company of Omnia to provide their products in a beautiful and understandable form, because I trust this company and I think that it is one of the best companies in the world!

Why pay for dashboard?

The payment for dashboardis the maintenance of the partner program. Thanks to the partnership program, there are good rewards. Moreover, thanks to binary marketing, under you are partners who you did not even personally invite and can receive from them a good salary on the referral system.

Do I have to pay $ 49 for dashboard every time?

No, this is a one-time payment. Only with the first purchase of a mining package or a trading subscription is an additional fee for bekofis in the amount of $ 49. Subsequent purchases will no longer be paid by dashborad.

Personal account hangs up or takes a long time to load

Sometimes the investor’s personal account or registration page may take a long time to load (about half a minute or even more). Please wait for the download.

If this happens, then usually after downloading a personal account, everything works quickly, even reloading the page. As a programmer, I will say that this happens if you use heavy site scripts, which are loaded in the backsend.

Developers are constantly improving their personal account and soon everything will work quickly.

Why is there no information about trading on the official website?

Yes, while information about trading is only in your personal account, and on the public part of the site there is none. Omnia has not yet added information about trading, although investing in trading has been working since mid-July 2018. Why still not added - I do not know. Information about trading can be found on my page Omnia mining crypto-currency and trading, or in your personal account. If you are not registered yet, register in Omnia to view the trading packages that are located in the "Store" section.

I have plans to join the Omnia developers and contribute my work to the development of their site. More information about this you can read on this page in response to the question: "Why is the site Omnia raw?".

The balance of sent bitcoins in Omnia is not displayed

If you paid a subscription for trading and sent bitcoins through Omnia partners and you see the message:

Не отображается баланс отправленных биткоинов в Омнии

Check if you sent a commission of 0.0005 bitcoins along with the amount of investment.

For example, you want to buy a package of trading for 0.2 bitcoins. Then from your wallet you should send 0.2005 bitcoin:

Комиссия Омния трейдинг

Attention: Funding for address will be different for you. Trade request is pending - payment is expected. The blue line with the commission is highlighted in blue.

After sending bitcoins to the specified Funding for address, you need to wait. The time for transfer of bitcoins can take from a few minutes to 3 hours. After the transfer comes to a payment message will appear:

Успешный перевод трейдинг Омния

When will the payment of interest in mining and trading begin?

In mining exactly two weeks after the purchase of the package.

In trading since 3rd Monday. Suppose you purchased a trading package on November 1, 2018 - this is Thursday. Then, starting from the 2nd Monday (November 12), Omnia traders will start trading your assets. And accordingly, in a week on Monday (November 19) you will receive a profit on your wallet.

When and how can I get a refback bonus from you?

I pay all of my partners a part of the partner reward (refbek) received for attracting you: Bonus system and Refback.

I get a partner reward for attracting you on the same day when you buy purchased packages:

  • In mining - exactly two weeks after the purchase of the package.
  • In trading - from the 3rd Monday. For example, you purchased a trading package on November 1, 2018 - this is Thursday. Then, starting from the 2nd Monday (November 12th), Omnia traders will start trading your finances, and on the same day I will receive a partner reward.

Having received a partner reward, I can send you a refback as follows:

  • on any email purse,
  • to a bank card
  • to your account in Omnia (this is useful if you want to buy more packages and not pay the commission for the transfer).

Choose any convenient way for you to get a refback.

What does Activate / Upgrade Countdown mean?

Activate Countdown means the period of activation of the personal cabinet:

Активация личного кабинета Омния

It is important to note that if the personal cabinet is not activated, then it is deleted after 21 days. Since in Omnia, in addition to the reward for personally invited users, there is also a binary bonus (which is the question What is a binary bonus in Omnia?). Therefore, in order to prevent the possibility, let's say, of free earnings on binary marketing, you must also make a contribution to the company. If you plan only to attract partners, then you still need to activate the cabinet by purchasing a package of mining or trading.

After activation of the personal cabinet, you will see the message:

Продление активации личного кабинета Омния

Upgrade Countdown means improvement (upgrade) of the personal cabinet. This does not mean that your account will be deleted after, for example, 152 days, as shown in the picture above. This means that after upgrading the cabinet you receive additional bonuses from the company Omnia.

What is a binary bonus in Omnia?

A binary bonus is a reward received for building a partnership network, which is built on the principle of binary marketing (which is not only in Omnia, but also in other popular companies Amway, Faberlic, etc.).

If you simply say, then the attracted partners by you or your higher sponsors are located as follows:

Бинар Omnia

In binary marketing, it does not matter if you invite new partners or your superior mentors (invitees). Every time a new partner is registered through a mentor, the partner can get to you on the left or on the right (under number 1 or 2 in the picture). If a person has moved by your link and registered, then he definitely gets up under you, but if the places 1 and 2 are occupied, then he gets to the level below under partners 1 or 2, if everything is occupied on the left and on the right, then below and so on .

In this marketing advantage is that the structure is built, thanks to the involvement of the whole team. Although it should be noted that the attraction from sponsors will be in one leg, which is determined by the sponsor: left or right. In another way it is called a sponsor leg. If the sponsor is in your right foot, then the overflow will go to your right foot. Similarly, for a situation where you are in the sponsor’s left foot - the overflow will go to your left foot.

In Omnia, for a binary network building, you get a bonus of 8% of the volume of the smaller branch (or on the other leg).

For example: in the left leg packs of $ 10,000 were bought, and in the right $ 20,000. Therefore, you will be rewarded from $ 10,000 and will be $ 800 (10000 * 0.08).

Most likely, you might think that you can simply register and receive a binary bonus without doing anything. But in Omnia this won't work, read the question How to get a binary bonus?

How to get a binary bonus?

First, activate your account (see the question What does Activate / Upgrade Countdown mean?) By purchasing a mining or trading package.

And secondly, to have personally invited partners from the left and right branches, and each branch in total must make a purchase of more than $100 (including). For example, on the left you have a partner who went into trading by purchasing a subscription to Rookie for 12 weeks for $100. And to the right are two partners, one of whom bought Trainee 12 weeks for $ 50, and the other Trainee 24 weeks for $ 95, then the total will be $ 145.

Since in the left branch and in the right branch the sales volume of at least $100 is, therefore, the conditions for obtaining a binary bonus are fulfilled.

I was not credited with transferring money to Duty Fly

Typically, the money goes to the Duty Fly exchange to your wallet within 48 hours. But note that the minimum amount of funds for an automatic to your account is $ 10 or its equivalent in another currency.

If you transferred the amount less than $ 10, then write to support at

When I tested the stock exchange, I transferred only 0.00001 BTC to the balance. When 2 days passed, and the balance was not replenished, I wrote to those support and they manually credited the transferred funds to me:

Artem Maltsev:

|  Hello, Duty Fly!
|  I sent 0,00001 bitcoins (for testing your exchange) to my account one week ago, but my bitcoin deposit in my account is still empty.
|  Address for sending was 3FRxmhATcuTtsUAQtG2xGJtmVWejpzSgSv, that there is in my account
|  Sending detail:
|  Can you help me? May be sending amount is too small?

Duty Fly Support:

| The amount You have tried to deposit was too small, that’s why it didn’t appear in Your wallet.
| The minimum amount of deposit must be $10 or equivalent.
| However, we will add the amount You have transferred (0.00001 BTC) to Your wallet manually.

Support immediately answered and solved the problem, which is very pleasing.

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By investing in the company, you join my team and get more bonuses: Bonus system and Refback.


If you have any questions, first look at the FAQ. If you have not found the answer, then write in the comments or use the contacts or you can:

Successful financial prosperity!


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Also comments of people with negative will be deleted in the direction of the company without the confirmed information.


P. S. S. All articles and suggested ways of earning are passed through my personal experience and placed for you for informational purposes, therefore only you are responsible for your actions. Please do not forget about it. If you are new to investing, then read my article: Investor's Rules.

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