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I went to your referral link and I want to immediately buy a Business CityLife Card, but do I only offer a smart card on the site?

Yes, going over my ref. link you will see the possibility of buying only Smart Cards:

Buying Smart card City Life

It will first need to be purchased, and then go to another account at to switch to another tariff (in other words, to upgrade the card): Business, Premium, ) or Tim (Team):

Go to other tariff City Life

I draw your attention that with each transition to a new level of the card, its value will decrease by the price of the previous card. See below for details.

Maybe later I want to switch to a different card rate, better I just pay for it, so that I do not overpay then?

This is not necessary. You can be at the smart tariff first and gradually move to a new level without overpaying the previous tariff: with each transition to a new level of the card, its cost will decrease by the price of the previous card.

For example: A business card costs $270, but since you already have a Smart card purchased for $25 (if you clicked on the referral link), then its cost will be $245 ($270 - $25).

If you want to go directly to Premium, then the cost of the card will be $935, since its base cost is $960. we take away already paid $25 for a Smart Card.

If you have a Business card and you want to upgrade to Premium, then the cost of the card will be $690, as $960 (base cost of Premium cards) - $270 (already paid for Smart and Business).

And so on.

How to activate the City Life card? They write that this phone is busy

If you have something like this:

Phone is busy activation City Life

In form: Этот телефон уже занят - This phone is busy (translator's note)

Then I wrote a separate instruction, located on How to activate City Life card.

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By investing in the company, you join my team and get more bonuses: Bonus system and Refback.

If you have any questions, first look at the FAQ. If you have not found the answer, then write in the comments or use the контакты or you can:

Successful financial prosperity!

P. S. I appeal to users of CityLife, if you want to add your comment on my site, please do not post your referral links. I invest a lot of time and energy in order to explain everything intelligibly to people about investment companies. Remuneration for my work - partner deductions transferred to my referral link. And placing your referral links is at least an ugly act on your part. These links will be deleted. I ask, respect the work of other people.

Also comments of people with negative will be deleted in the direction of the company without the confirmed information.

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14.03.2019 5:17 #

Нахожусь на пакете бизнес . Будут ли мне приходить кешбеки , если не оплачена абонентская плата ?
Спасибо .


Артём Мальцев
Артём Мальцев author

14.03.2019 23:33 #

Здравствуйте, Айдар!

Если честно, я перестал развивать CityLife, так как сейчас организовал и работаю над своим Доверительным управлением , поэтому не могу подсказать что-то по этому вопросу. Попробуйте позвонить им и уточнить этот момент.


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