Bonus system and Refback

To further attract my partners in CityLife, I developed an additional bonus system, which not only gives monetary benefits to my partners. Thanks to the work of our team, you will quickly receive news about the company, always have support and acquire skills to promote your managerial skills for even more additional income.

If you have not read about CityLife on my site, then click on the banner below, read and come back here.

The advantages of being on my team

  1. High refback unlike other leaders.
  2. Personal manager and materials on the development of the partner structure.
  3. Contests with cash prizes.
  4. Bonuses for those who order from me the creation of the site.

For details on each item, see below.

1. Get a reward for joining my team CityLife

You can buy a card CityLife almost twice cheaper, thanks not only to the reduced price of buying a card, but also the refund on my part in the amount of $3 for your card!

* Refback - transfer of a referral (attracted to a partner) part of the profit brought by it for its investment in the company or purchase of goods (in this case, cards).

Thus, you card will cost 2 times cheaper!

Форма получения рефбека

Before buying a Smart CityLife card, make sure that I am your inviter. To do this, register on my referral link

Make sure that I am the invited person, namely Артём Мальцев ID 135223, as shown in the picture:

Sing up in City Life

Pay special attention to the ID - it should be equal to 135223. This confirms that it was I who invited you and prevents from forgeries of registrations on my behalf.

Next, buy a CityLife card and send me an email to mail with your ID.

In the end, I check that you are really my partner for the ID sent in the letter, and if that's true, then I pay you the refback to the card.

2. Personal manager and materials on the development of the partner structure

In CityLife, in addition to the cash consideration for the partner involved, there is also a team (binary) bonus, so I and all members of our team are directly interested in developing you as a manager. Because you develop and receive additional income you - get additional income and the whole team. This is an amazingly beneficial cooperation for all of us in the team.

For the development of the partner structure, we have all the necessary materials that will always be available to you.

Moreover, each participant is assigned a personal manager. It will help you to quickly get acquainted with all the advantages of CityLife and answer all your questions.

When you become a part of our team, by purchasing a CityLife card, I register you on the site (if you are not registered yet) and I define for you a personal manager. You can contact the personal manager in your account:

3. Contests with cash prizes

From time to time I arrange contests with cash prizes. If there are ideas for holding contests, report. We will discuss and, possibly, hold.

Contests are held on my website, on my personal VK page or in instagram. Follow the contests to earn cash and other prizes.

4. Bonus system for customers

In addition to developing services for financial and other companies, I am engaged in developments in the web industry. My income goes not only from investing in various financial instruments and using affiliate programs for passive income, but also with the provision of services for the development of sites.

More information about our studio you can read on the site

For my clients I offer the following actions:

1. Hosting with CityLife

You can reduce the cost of purchase / renewal of hosting by 1000 rubles, if you purchase a CityLife card.

For example, for corporate sites, the cost of hosting sites in our studio is 2400 rubles. in year. Thus, you can purchase a CityLife card and pay for hosting for only 1000 rubles!

2. Website development with CityLife

When ordering the development of the site, you get a free CityLife card!

The cost of the card is 1250 rubles, so the cost of creating the site will be reduced by 1250 rubles.

For example, we determined the cost of your future site in the amount of 30 000 rubles. Then the cost of creating a site will cost 28,750 rubles.

Please note that by paying for site development services and paying for hosting using bonus offers, you also receive a reflb on the card!

Conditions for obtaining bonuses on site development and hosting payment

  1. Buy a CityLife card by clicking on my partner link
  2. Pay for the service and inform about the desire to use the promotion.

Additionally, you can thank for using the bonus on this page in the comments - I will be pleased :)

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By investing in the company, you join my team and get more bonuses: Bonus system and Refback.

If you have any questions, first look at the FAQ. If you have not found the answer, then write in the comments or use the контакты or you can:

Successful financial prosperity!

P. S. I appeal to users of CityLife, if you want to add your comment on my site, please do not post your referral links. I invest a lot of time and energy in order to explain everything intelligibly to people about investment companies. Remuneration for my work - partner deductions transferred to my referral link. And placing your referral links is at least an ugly act on your part. These links will be deleted. I ask, respect the work of other people.

Also comments of people with negative will be deleted in the direction of the company without the confirmed information.

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