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Now one of the directions of Cashbery is the development and use of artificial intelligence for training people in the MLM industry.

According to numerous requests, I spread information about the Cashbery Business School, located in my personal account. And accordingly this information is more for people who do not yet have their own private office and can not read about the Business School:

Become a shark Cashbery business with your smartphone!

Анатолий Рябов, директор Бизнес-Школы Кэшбери

Anatoly Ryabov, director of the Cashbery Business School

Knowledge and professional skills are the main tool for developing the business of Kashbery's partners.
I am proud to announce that in July 2018, the Cashbery Business School, in partnership with Microsoft, launched a new training solution that has no analogues in the world!

Through the use of artificial intelligence, mobile technologies and the latest teaching methods, the mobile application of the Cashbery Business School will teach you how to conduct business the way most successful leaders of Cashbery do it!

Best practical experience of the best trainers in Russia and the most successful leaders of Cashbery - you have in your pocket!

In the mobile application of the Cashbery Business School, you can learn specially prepared materials from the coaches of the Cashbery Business School and the top leaders of the Company, from which you will learn:

  • Attract potential partners
  • Effectively negotiate with potential partners
  • Maximize the potential of the Cashborough marketing plan
  • Maintain yourself in maximum business and emotional tone

All materials include not only theoretical knowledge, but also an extremely specific instruction for action, including specific phrases that need to be pronounced in the negotiations.

Look at a couple of examples of such videos - thanks to these secrets, Cashbery partners from different parts of Russia today recruit dozens of new partners!

But that's not all! The most interesting is practice!

Thanks to the mobile application of the Cashbery Business School, you can not just watch the video, but also independently practice the proposed secrets of negotiation skills.

Every day, short assignments in the format "watch the video and record a short video response" will come to your mobile phone. For example, you will need to watch a training video in which one of the trainers of the Cashbery Business School or a successful Cashbery leader tells how to schedule a meeting with a potential partner, and then you will need to record a 60-second video session, in which you will need to demonstrate how you invite a partner to a video. In this case, you will even have a verbatim "script" in the form of titles to the video you are recording!

And after you record your video, there will be a real "magic" that was made possible through our partnership with Skillary and Microsoft, namely: artificial intelligence will analyze your video (your emotions and words) and give you your recommendations - how you need it correct your speech on the video and how you need to adjust your emotional mood.

In fact, there will be an "electronic trainer" in your pocket that will work personally with you and help you form the negotiation skills of the top-level level!

Look at Vadim Efremov's presentation on how the application works at the business forum in Kazan:

But that's not all!

Thanks to "Cash" any of the partners Cashbery will be able to become a coach himself!
One of the main advantages of Cashbery is the huge network of fantastically professional and talented leaders, each of which has its own "chips" to build a network! And our leaders will actively share them, writing their own lessons and making them available to the whole network!
The experience of the most successful leaders of Cashbery shows that it is the training that is the most important, the most effective tool for building a successful partner network and now, along with the already traditional trainings from the Cashbery Business School, you have a truly BEST WORLD TRAINING tool! Together, we will make Cashbery a great company - the best company in the world!

Then follows the form of payment for the annual license for using the application, which you can find in your personal account after registering in Cashbery.

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Successful financial prosperity!


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