How to win in Cashbery game

At several events in different cities and countries since July 2018, there was an official announcement that Cashbery plans to enter the world of the gaming industry. And on August 7 this year the company releases its mobile game called Cashbery Game.

I, as a programmer, could not pass by this event. Moreover, Cashbery plans to hold tournaments for this game with cash prizes, which means there is a chance to win. Thanks to my service Вклады Кэшбери contributions, many partners were able to earn more from deposits at the expense of my proposed strategy of buying insurance. But how to find this strategy - thanks to careful analysis. Also here, the mathematical calculation will help to identify the optimal strategy for the game to win the tournament.

Dear partners and all investors of Cashbery!
I'm happy to tell you my thoughts and investment strategies in this game for winning the tournament

Mechanics of the Cashbery Game

Purpose of the game: in a short time to earn $ 1,000,000 for the first mechanic of the game and $ 5,000,000 for the second. The less time you spent, the higher you become in the rating.

For earning money there are two actions: to receive the salary and to invest.

Receiving a salary

Income: $ 25
Term: 2 hours (1 part)

These figures mean that for 2 hours in the game (this time is just over a second of our time, and to be precise 1.042 seconds, see the details below), the player gets $ 25. The payment is not broken up, but paid by 1 part (all 100% of the income) at the end of the term.

For accuracy, I noticed the work time of the Luxury deposit, which is 8 days in the game, according to our time it lasted exactly 100 seconds. Consequently:
8 days = 8 * 24 hours = 192 hours
100 s. / 192 h = 0.520833333 seconds lasts 1 hour in the game - this value will be used for our calculations.

For example, to earn $ 2500, you need to click on the "Receive" button 100 times, with a total of 104 seconds of our time. Or in other words, a little less than 2 minutes of our time, clicking on Get a salary, you can dial $ 2500.

Tariffs for investments

Bank deposit

Банковский вклад игре Кэшбери Bank deposit
Income: 2% for 30 days.
Duration: 8 days (1 part)
Invest: from $100 to $5,000

"Invest" means a possible amount of investment. For example, for a Bank deposit, you can make deposits ranging from $ 100 to $ 5,000

Tariffs with insurance

Тариф Лакшери в игре Кэшбери Luxury
Income: 12% for 30 d.
Duration: 8 d (5 pieces)
Invest: from $500 to $20 K
The 1st. Cost: 10%. Income = 45%
The 2 nd. Cost: 20%. Income = 47%

Тариф Премьер в игре Кэшбери Premier
Income: 13.5% for 30 d.
Duration: 30 d (5 pieces)
Invest: from $30 K to $100 K
The 1st. Cost: 10%. Income = 46%
The 2 nd. Cost: 20%. Income = 50%

Тариф Президент в игре Кэшбери President
Income: 15% for 30 d.
Term: 120 d (5 pieces)
Invest: from $200 Kto $ 800 K
The 1st. Cost: 10%. Income = 48%
The 2 nd. Cost: 20%. Income = 52%

Insurance 1st and 2nd ("Reliable Deposit" and "Reliable Borrower") in this game are purchased only to increase the profitability of the deposit.
For example, for the Luxury tariff: If the contribution is $ 10,000, then the 1st insurance will be $ 1,000 (10% of the deposit). Getting the insurance, the income considerably increases from 12% to 45%, and since payments are divided into 5 parts, you need to have time to buy insurance for 1 day 14 hours (for 20 seconds of our time). If the insurance is already purchased in the second payment, the payments on the deposit will be as follows: 12% first payment, and the remaining 4 payments at 45%.

Tariffs without insurance

Тариф Стандарт в игре Кэшбери Compact
Income: 16% for 30 d.
Term: 60 d. (10 pieces)
Invest: from $30 K to $299.9 K

Тариф Стандарт в игре Кэшбери Standard
Income: 19% for 30 d.
Term: 304 d. (10 pieces)
Invest: from $300 K to $1.99 M

Тариф Премиум в игре Кэшбери Premium
Income: 15% for 30 d.
Term: 608 d (10 pieces)
Invest: from $2 M to $9.99 M

Тариф CashTrading в игре Кэшбери CashTrading
Income: 24% for 30 d.
Term: 30 d. (2 pieces)
Invest: from $3 K to $50 K

Тариф CriptoCash в игре Кэшбери CryptoCash
Income: 15% for 30 d.
Term: 304 d. (10 pieces)
Invest: from $50 K to $600 K

Тариф Тариф М в игре Кэшбери Tariff M
Income: 19% for 30 d.
Term: 120 d. (10 pieces)
Invest: from $60 K to $3 M

Optimal strategy game

In fact, so far I have not derived the most optimal strategy of the game, because here it is necessary to apply whole mathematical methods of analysis on the basis of the theory of optimal control. By the way, when I was studying at the Irkutsk University Irkutsk, we had a subject on the educational program. Now I will not apply mathematical algorithms: I'll see what the prize of the tournament will be - if it's good, then I'll use the knowledge myself :) In the meantime, I'll just conduct an easy analysis of the game and bring out an even more optimal strategy.

At the moment, the game's record is 2 h 46 min 43 sec from Natalia Mikhailovna Lomakina (ID: 1363172) 08/08/2018 19:47:24.

To begin with, we will calculate how much time it will take for us to click only the "Get" button of the Salary. As I wrote earlier, $25 for 2 hours in the game or for 1.041666666 seconds of our time. Therefore, the total time will be calculated as 1 000 000/25 * 1.041666666 = 41666.66664 sec or 11 h 34 min and 27 sec. - obviously, it's very long and does not break the record.

Now I will make detailed calculations and visually display in the form of graphs. In the meantime, I can assume that it's better to act on the following plan:

  1. Earn up to $ 500.
  2. Invest in Luxury, buying insurance, as long as there is no amount for both Luxury and the minimum for the Premier.
  3. Invest in the Premier, buying insurance, as long as there is no amount for both Luxury and the Prime and the minimum for the President.
  4. Invest in CashTrading in the same way.
  5. Invest in Tariff M according to the same scheme.
  6. Invest in the Compact by the same scheme (Tariff Standard is not suitable now, since the large threshold of entry).
  7. Invest in CryptoCash in the same way.
  8. Invest in the Standard according to the same scheme.

In other words, to invest in tariffs from the highest to the lowest to the lowest. But, of course, this is not enough to establish an optimal strategy. There are many tricks to achieve better results. I'll talk about this later when I write the code that emulates this game.

Pluses of the game

  1. The game of logic: the more thoughtful will be the investment strategy, the faster you can reach the finals.
  2. Partly teaches more profitable investment of funds among a variety of options, both in the game in the form of tariffs, and in life in the form of various financial instruments.
  3. Nice design.
  4. Disadvantages and mistakes of the game.

Disadvantages and mistakes of the game


  1. Repeating same type of music.
  2. A long game. To earn $ 1,000,000 you need to spend more than 2 and a half hours with the first game mechanics. At the second - about 40 minutes.
  3. There is no "Restart" button for the game. And this is convenient if you want to play a game without reaching the end of the game.


  1. In a tournament with a score of $ 1,000,000, the premium rate will never be able to be used at all: as soon as the account is $ 1,000,000, the game starts over, your score is recorded in the rating.
  2. The rating in the game is incorrect. Players are shown even with negative time. It is necessary to show players who have reached the end with minimal time spent.
  3. Sometimes it is impossible to go into the game or there is a long synchronization with the game, when it turns on the device.
  4. When the goal of the game is achieved, synchronization may be lost and when the game is restarted, the account becomes less money than it was.

In addition, only the rating of the 1st mechanics is shown on the Cashbery website in the personal account. From time to time, developers change the mechanics of the game, so it will be right to save the results for different game mechanics.

Tournament schedule

At the moment, only training games are conducted with a rating calculation. The dates of the tournaments will be announced in the personal account and in the official social groups. networks. Training tournaments take place about a day later.

Links for downloading the application

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Successful financial prosperity!


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