Charity in Cashbery

Cashbery deals not only with business, but also with charity called "Fund of Good Deeds from Arthur Vardanyan." The Foundation helps orphanages, hospices and children left without parental care. More than a thousand people received a piece of happiness and care from the company, and it's very cool. I, too, provide support to people in need.

GSBO "Kobrin Children's Village", Kohren, Sovetskaya str., 225304, 138,
Director: Svetlana Konina.

GUP "Divinsky orphanage", st. Lenin, 86, 225876, d.Divin, Kobrinsky district, Brest region, the Republic of Belarus,
Director: Larisa Kalishuk

MOU "Primary school № 10", 155901 Ivanovo region, Shuya, ul. 1 Textile, house 2-B,
Director: Natalia Rasstrigina

State Educational Institution "Telekhanskaya Special Educational Boarding School", 225275, Telekhany settlement, Lenin street, 32 Ivatsevichi borough, Brest region,
Director: Elena Khomich

State Educational Institution "Kobrin Children's Home", 225304, Brest Region, Kobrin, ul. Sports, house 59,
Director: Natalia Dudko

Children's football school "Metallurg", Magnitogorsk, Tevosyan 13/2, FUK "Dune"
Trainer: Alexander Kukushkin

Boarding school "Care", 367014, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, ul. Soldatskaya, 3
Director: Kachalova Uma Abubakarovna

Congratulation of veterans since May 9, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, Izberbash city, Kaspiisk city

"Republican child's home specialized", 420141, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, ul. Yu. Fucika, 73
(charity from partners)

The families received material and humanitarian assistance, the Republic of Dagestan, Kaspiysk, ul. Yu. Fucika, 73
(charity from partners)

Cashbery and the "I help children" foundation, giving low-income children the opportunity to ride quadracycles, have fun

Assistance in the provision of sportswear for the football team, Yakutsk

People who helped the fund

Thousands of investors make donations to the Сashbуry charitable foundation:

Date Name
02.09.2018 Рамазан 777
02.09.2018 Татьяна Алексеевна Власова
02.09.2018 Лариса Павловна Киселева
02.09.2018 Людмила Евгеневна Аннина
02.09.2018 Динара Мунжасарова
02.09.2018 Артём Валерьевич Мальцев
02.09.2018 Андрей Александрович Высоцкий
02.09.2018 Роза Николаевна Колесникова
02.09.2018 Алена Радиковна Толстова
02.09.2018 Антон Владимирович Цапенко
Date Name
02.09.2018 Лилия
02.09.2018 Жанна Казакова
02.09.2018 Радий Петрович Поляков
02.09.2018 Виталий Валерьевич Харитонов
02.09.2018 Людмила Михайловна Яковлева
02.09.2018 Татьяна Шалашова
02.09.2018 Александр Петрович Мохов
02.09.2018 Айнура Дуйшенбековна Тарпакова
02.09.2018 Евгений Васильевич Чириков
02.09.2018 Анна Николаевна Ногнорутова
Date Name
01.09.2018 Ахат Талибович Махмутов
01.09.2018 Галина Михайловна Степанова
01.09.2018 Марина Александровна Патрушева
01.09.2018 Дамир Саярович Рашидуллин
01.09.2018 Елена Владимировна Федотова
01.09.2018 Алексей Батырович Инджиев
01.09.2018 Александр Толстов
01.09.2018 Сэлмэг Аюровна Григорьева
01.09.2018 Юрий Рылов
01.09.2018 Виктория Сергеевна Игнатьева

You can see this data in the Personal Account of Cashbori in the section "Fund of Good Deeds".


You can donate any amount to the Cashbery charitable foundation. In the TVE "Telekhan special boarding school" (4 videos), the list of leaders on donating money to the fund of good deeds of Cashbery was as follows:

Филипп Данкерт 100 000 рублей
Салам Халиков 11 000 рублей
Александра Колодезникова 10 000 рублей
Михаил Хренков 7 000 рублей
Анна Алексеева 7 000 рублей
Никита Хорошавцев 7 000 рублей
Алексей Карманов 6 000 рублей
Лариса Бердышева 5 000 рублей
Юрий Снегирев 5 000 рублей
Максим Кириленко 5 000 рублей
Надежда Шавкун 5 000 рублей
Виталий Кононов 5 000 рублей

Data from 4 videos "Telekhan special general boarding school".


If you want to participate in charitable events to help needy people, then you can register on the site and make the desired donation amount in the "Fund of good deeds" section:

Sign Up

Also you can apply for personal participation in charity events. To do this, after registering in the personal account in the lower right corner, click on the feedback block "Write us, we are online" and write your suggestions.

My donations to the Cashbery Foundation for Good Deeds

On September 2, 2018, I donated an amount of 15,000 rubles to Arthur Vardanyan's fund of good deeds:

Donations to the fund of good deeds Cashbery

I very much hope that the company will carry out even more charity events to help those in need.

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