Bonus system and Refback

In the course of working with Cashbery I developed an additional bonus system for attracting new partners and developing existing ones. Everyone who works in the MLM industry (network marketing) knows how important it is to have a multi-level partner network for additional income.

In Cashbery I and my partners earn well, developing their partner structure, but I want even more development in this area, so I decided to develop additional bonuses and various contests, so that people would be even more interested in doing it.

If you have not read about Cashbery on my site, then click on the banner below, read and come back here.

The advantages of being on my team

  1. High refback unlike other leaders. I pay up to 100%! The refback operates on the full amount of your investment.
  2. Multilevel partner system.
  3. Materials on the development of the partner structure.
  4. We give you partners under your referral link for your development as a manager. There is a large base of potential investors who want to be on the team. There are foreign investors among potential investors.
  5. Contests with cash prizes.
  6. Tournaments with cash prizes for the game Viva Investor (will be developed by me in 2019). For details, see the Планы развития сервисов Viva Cashbery.
  7. Bonuses for those who order from me the creation of the site.

For details on each item, see below.

Do you want to go to my team?

Very often there is a situation where a person is at some inviter, but wants to transfer to me because the inviter does not help his partner, he does not teach other reasons. Especially, this situation escalated when Cashbery automatically identified mentors to those investors who did not have it. This led to the fact that many are not on their own were in the tutors, who are still on their partners. We in our team help each other and support each other. You can see your unique advantages of being on my team.

But not always the transition to me is advisable. I have identified several reasons to change or not to go to my team:

It makes sense to move on if

  1. You do not have any investments in your account, or they are small, say, up to 30,000 rubles.
  2. You do not have referrals or few of them.
  3. You want to develop as a manager, or at least just receive prizes from various competitions, be aware of my developments, etc.

It does not make sense to go over if

  1. Your investment is more than 1 000 000 p. and you just want to get interest from them and you are not interested in development or you do not want to bother with getting a reflex (although I have a large reflex compared to other leaders).
  2. You already have an untwisted partner network and you yourself conduct various actions, advertise your affiliate network, etc.

Although there is a minus sign to me that all your work remains in the old account, but if there are not many of them, as described above, we will try to develop a new account in a short time better than it was before.

If you want to join not only the leader in building a partner structure, but also the developer of additional services for working with Cashbury, then welcome to my team!

To go to my structure, you need to contact those. support Kashbury with a request to make me Maltsev Artem Valerievich with ID 270060 as your sponsor. Please note that you may be refused if you have already made investments in your account.

If you were refused or you just decided to register a new account, simply register under my referral link, and register on this site and use my developed services in full functionality and order a refback.

1. Get a reward for joining my Cashbery team

For those who want also how I earn, register on my referral link in order to become my partner and be able to use all the functions of the service for free!

For all of its partners, I additionally pay refback when investing:

  • up to 500 000 rubles - 50%
  • from 500 000 rubles up to 1 000 000 rubles - 80%
  • from 1 000 000 rubles and above - 100%.

Refback - the transfer of the referral (attracted to the partner) part of the profit brought by him for his investment in the company.

My scheme of the reback acts on the sum of all your investments! See the example below.

Example of investing and receiving a refback

Suppose, first you invest in Cashbery 10 000 rub. Since this amount corresponds to the Luxury tariff, in which a partnership fee of 3% is established, the company Cashbery will pay partner fees of $ 300. (10 000 rubles * 0.03) - this money is shared with you in half (300 rubles * 0.5): I and you are 150 rubles each.

Then you invested another 200 000 rubles, you will receive 3 500 rub.: 200 000 rub. * 0.035 (already at the rate of Prime) * 0.5 = 3 500 rub.

To date, in total you have invested 210 000 rub. and received 3650 rub. refback.

Then you decided to invest another 600 000 rub. , then get 16 800 rubles. (600 000 rub * 0.035 * 0.8), and since your total investment amount (810 000 rub) Exceeded the mark of 500 000 rubles, for previous investments you will be paid additionally 30% of the refback from their amount, namely with 10 000 р. will be paid another 90 rub. (10 000 * 0.03 * 0.3), and from 200 000 rub. - 2100 rub. (200 000 * 0.035 * 0.3).

Thus, in total you invest 810 000 rubles. and get 22 640 p. (3650 + 16800 + 90 + 2100) of the refback.

And finally, when you reach the mark of 1 000 000 rub., You will receive 100% refback for all your investments.

This scheme allows me and my partners to achieve financial goals much faster, thanks to the reward for entering our structure using refback.

Questions can be written in the comments or in private messages in the contact (you can see the link on the page About author).

Form of receiving a refback

Before making a contribution, make sure that I am your sponsor. To do this, register on my referral link

Make sure that the Invitor field specifies 270060 Artem, as shown in the picture:

Регистрация в Кэшбери

Next, open a deposit and order a refback on this form:

Fields marked by star ( * ) is required.

The order of the refbe is decorated. An answer to your letter will be sent within 3 days.

Further, I check the received data and if all is true, I pay you refback on the specified way of transfer of money resources.

2. Multi-level bonus system

By joining my team, you receive partner rewards not only from the company Cashbury, but also from me. In other words, you have a dual partner system.

Affiliate awards from me are the same in terms of interest and level, as in Kashbury, presented on the page Multi-level referral program in Cashbery.

Later I will add a visual illustration of how my multi-level system works and how much extra you can earn.

3. Materials on the development of the partner structure

I'm directly interested in developing you as a manager. Because you break up and receive additional income you - get additional income and me. This is a beneficial cooperation for all of us in the team.

4. I give you partners for your development

Due to the large number of incoming applications to be on my team, I can give registration under your link if you are active and develop our partner structure. We work with foreign people. If you know English, then perhaps you will come in handy for negotiations.

Any ideas are accepted:

  1. For services Viva Cashbery - that can be added or improved in services.
  2. On working with the company itself Cashbury. In that case, I consider the proposals and if I like it, then I contact the Cashbury company with offers.
  3. Ways to promote the team. For example, what can be improved in competitions or how can we advertise services / our team, etc.

5. Competitions with money prizes

From time to time I arrange contests with cash prizes. Most often they are designed for new members of the team, but if there are ideas for holding contests, report. We will discuss and, possibly, hold.

Contests are held on my website, on my personal VKontakte page or in instagram. Follow the contests to earn cash and other prizes.

6. Tournaments with cash prizes for the game Viva Investor

Cashbery sets a powerful potential, going also to the world of the gaming industry. Already, she released the game Cashbery Game. True, now this game is in the testing phase and has some shortcomings, which I described in the article How to win in Cashbery game. But nevertheless she inspired me to create my own game Viva Investor, which will be deprived of the shortcomings available in the official game. In mechanics, it will be close to Cashbery Game.

Since Kashbury is in the mood for serious development, so I will offer my candidacy as one of the official game developers for Cashbery. Even if the company does not agree, in any case, the game will be interesting and useful, firstly, for all people who want to learn financial literacy, and secondly, to my team. Because it is among the members of the team that I will play extra prizes.

I plan to start development sometime in early 2019 (after the completion of all Viva Cashbery services).

7. Bonus system for customers

As you may have guessed, I'm developing in the web industry. My income goes not only from investing in various financial instruments and using various partner programs for passive income, but also with the provision of services for the development of sites.

Since Cashbery and I have a good income, I happily give the opportunity to order from me the creation of a website with a discount and a special offer.

About how we develop websites, you can read on our website the studio Viva IT Studio:

And now I'll tell you about the bonuses themselves:

1. Profitable hosting

For corporate sites, the cost of hosting sites in our studio is 2400 rubles in year. I offer as a bonus a discount for hosting with the following conditions:

  1. You pay hosting at a rate of 1000 rubles (not for 2400 rubles);
  2. You make a contribution to 1000 rubles. in the company Cashbery.

Thus, initially you pay for hosting not 2400 rubles, and only 2000 rubles. - discount 400 rubles. or 16.6%. And at the end of the term of the deposit, for example, at the rate of Lakscheri from 1000 r. you can earn 3000 rubles. * If you count, then using the bonus, your expense will be 2000 rubles, and the income will be 3000 rubles, so you will even get a profit that will amount to 1000 rubles.

It follows that you not only save on hosting, but even you can earn on it!

For showcases and online stores, the cost of hosting is 5400 rubles. For this category of sites, the following conditions apply for obtaining a bonus:

  1. You pay hosting at a rate of 2400 r.
  2. You contribute to 2400 rubles. in the company Cashbery.

Thus, initially you pay for hosting not for 5400 rubles, and only for 4800 r. - a discount of 600 rubles. or 11.1%. And at the end of the term of the deposit, for example, at the rate of Lakshari from 2400 r. you can earn 7200 rubles. * If you count, then using the bonus, your expenditure will be 4800 rubles, and the income is 7200 rubles. Thus, you will even get a profit that is 2400 rubles.

2. Website development by Viva Cashbery

On average, the cost of our services for creating sites starts from 30 000 rubles. for a corporate site and 50 000 r. for an online store. I offer you a bonus in the form of a discount for the development of the site on the following terms - after approval of the requirements for the site and the coordination of the cost of work:

  1. You pay for the creation of a site in the amount of 80%.
  2. You make a contribution of 15% to Cashbery.

For example, we determined the cost of your future site in the amount of 30 000 rubles. Then you pay studios 24 000 r. (30,000 rubles * 0.8), and 4500 rubles. (30 000 rubles * 0.15) invest in Cashbury. At the end of the term of the deposit, for example, at the rate of Lakshari from 4500 r. you can earn 13,500 rubles. * If you count, then using the bonus, your expenditure will be 28,500 rubles, and the income is 13,500 rubles. Thus, the site costs you only 15,000 rubles. - twice cheaper!

* Calculations of profitability were made without taking into account the commission for withdrawal and using the strategy of smart purchase of insurance.

Please note that by paying for site development services and paying for hosting using bonus offers, you also receive a refback from the amount of money you invested!

Conditions for obtaining bonuses on site development and hosting payment

  1. Run General conditions for obtaining bonuses (see above).
  2. Pay for the service and inform about the desire to use the Bonus from Viva Cashbury.

Additionally, you can thank for using the bonus on this page in the comments - I will be pleased :)

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Cashbery company website:


If you have any questions, first look at the FAQ. If you have not found the answer, then write in the comments or use the contacts or you can:

Successful financial prosperity!


P. S. I appeal to users of Cashbery, if you want to add your comment on my site, please do not post your referral links. I invest a lot of time and energy in order to explain everything intelligibly to people about investment companies. Remuneration for my work - partner deductions transferred to my referral link. And placing your referral links is at least an ugly act on your part. These links will be deleted. I ask, respect the work of other people.

Also comments of people with negative will be deleted in the direction of the company without the confirmed information.


P. S. S. All articles and suggested ways of earning are passed through my personal experience and placed for you for informational purposes, therefore only you are responsible for your actions. Please do not forget about it. If you are new to investing, then read my article: Investor's Rules

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