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Why I see it?

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It is recommended to leave "Receive email notifications?" field marked, as part of the notifications are related to account security.
It is especially important to receive notifications to my partners on investment and other projects.
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I see that someone invited me. What does it mean?

If at the top of the login / registration form you see the inviter, it means you have followed his referral link. This could happen in the following cases:

  • Your friend / partner gave a link to the site.
  • Crawled to the site on a link to another site / blog / social. network.

On this site vivazzi.pro there are various services and projects developed by me, as well as projects of third-party organizations.

For the development of services and projects using various partnership programs. This may be a discount on the use of services, cashback, affiliate rewards, etc. Each user has his own affiliate link, which is used to attract partners to his structure in order to obtain additional bonuses / income.

Even if you just want to read articles on my blog, registering on the site, but do not plan to participate in any projects, you can safely register. The fact that you become someone else's partner does not oblige you to anything.

If you see the words "Inviter is not found", then:

  1. You do not go to the affiliate link. In this case, simply register on the site using the registration form.
  2. An affiliate link with the wrong ID was used. If you want to register under a specific person, but see that the "Inviter is not found", make sure that the Inviter has given you the correct link and ask him to send the affiliate link again.

Sincerely, the author of the site, Artem Maltsev.

There is no search on this site, so I offer to use usual search engine, for example, Google, adding "vivazzi" after your request.

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